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Vladimir Dmitrievich Parkhomenko


・ Graduated from Dnipro Chemical Technology Research Graduate School


・ Engineer at Zaporizhia Transformer Factory


・ Design engineer at Dnipro, Metallurg-Automatica factory


・ Engaged as an assistant professor, an associate professor, a director of the process device department, a dean of the department, and a director at the Dnipro Institute of Chemical Technology.


・ Minister of Education of Ukraine (1984-1991)

・ Representative Ukraine at United Nations (1990)


・ Founder of Ukrainian Academy of Technology Sciences


・ Ukraine Deputy Minister of Education (1996-1997)


・ Director of Science and Technology Center in Ukraine (1997-2007)


・ First Deputy Prime Minister of the Ukrainian Academy of Technology  


・ National Intellectual Property University, Founder and President


・ Advisor of Science and Technology Center in Ukraine (currently)

​History of Grandfather 

[When I was a child]

Born December 16, 1933 in the Great Famine («Holodomor») in Ashgabat, Federal Republic of the Soviet Union. Living in Ukraine was difficult at the time, and people were hungry, so an uncle who was in the army and participated in the battle with Basmachi summoned his sister Vladimir's mother and lived in a village near his grandparents' house. rice field. His father, Dmitry Saveliivich Parkhomenko, was a train mechanic and also the conductor of a special train carrying Stalin, and his mother, Katerina (Chernishova) Parkhomenko, supported her husband as a full-time housewife.


[Looking back at that time]

«Grandparents were both teachers and rulers to me. Thanks to them, I learned the line between what is forgiven and what is not. I learned a lot from my grandparents and I too have my life. I was unknowingly imitating their way of building. If I had done something in my life, my grandparents had a huge impact.»


[Inauguration of Minister of Higher and Secondary Education]

Since 1984, he has been the Minister of Higher and Secondary Education of the Soviet Union.

The main work of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education during this period was to develop new approaches to educational process management organizations, basic science and general technology education, and to strengthen relations with the production side. During this period, under the direction of Vladimir, who serves as Minister, the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education aimed to contribute to the domestic economy by modernizing educational methods for scientific teachers and professionals and restructuring management methods for higher education. We have taken important measures.


[Further achievements] 

Vladimir Parkhomenko sees age as a very relative concept, although the country's highest level of public work has the limit of age limits, and in 1997 the Ukrainian Institute for Science, Technology and Economic Information (I became the director of UkrISTEI). At the time of his inauguration, he needed a lot of money to operate the facility and to pay for utilities, but the budget from the government was almost non-existent. In order to overcome the crisis situation, we made efforts to reform the facilities by radically changing the direction of the research institute, changing the attitude of specialists, enhancing education and producing required products one after another. As a result, in some areas UkrISTEI has established a top-level position both in Ukraine and abroad. In particular, the construction of a digital database in the field of research and development has been recognized as a national treasure of Ukraine. The institute later represented Ukraine at the STI Interstate Coordination Council and the International Council for Science and Technology Information. Vladimir served as Ukrainian plenipotentiary ambassador for these organizations.


While working as the First Deputy Prime Minister of the Ukrainian Institute of Technology and Science, he thought that he could not leave the problem of intellectual property in the future, and he himself to build an intellectual property related education system in Ukraine. Established the National Intellectual Property University in Kyiv, and later served as president.

After experiencing the war twice and witnessing the prosperity and collapse of a huge nation, even now in his 80s, he still has plans for the future and spends his days full of energy, strength and passion. There is. He is still energetically working on meetings, business trips, lectures, reports, searching for solutions to problems, writing new books, studying, writing research papers, and so on.  ​​



・ Received Ph.D. in Science and Technology


・ Ukrainian High School Honorary Worker Award


・ Received the Order of Honorary Scientist


・ Received the Order of the Red Banner twice


・ Received the Ukrainian National Science and Technology Award


・ Ukrainian Presidential Honour Award-Received «The Order of Merit 3-rd class»


・ Received the Ukrainian Education Excellence Award


・ Appointment of members of the Ukrainian Academy of Science Education

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